The Ganger & The Agent

The Ganger & The Agent reflects on the working class experience of many Irishmen who came to London in the 50’s. The film was titled by one of its main participants, Brendan ‘Billser’ Bailey who came over in the 50’s and is now retired and living in North East London. 

The film is a search for insight into the lives and identity of Irish men who came to England in search for ‘better lives’. The film also questions and explores contemporary notions of ‘Irishness’ .

I spent 6 months hanging out with Irish men in local bars and areas where Irish people reisded and socialised in East London, collecting stories and experiences from people of all ages and backgrounds in order to get a broad sense of the Irish experience in London.

The film challenges stereotypes and prejudices and highlights the tough lives and abuses these men have undergone in order to pave the construction and development of cities and form a major part in history of Irish migration.